We realized quite a while ago that what our clients wanted was to be able to quickly and easily update their own content, without having to constantly ask us for help. We started by building simple, database driven systems for handling website content that we custom built to meet our clients needs. While these tools worked for adding and editing content, they lacked the ability to quickly and easily add features as the clients needs grew.


Joomla LogoEnter - Joomla!


By using Joomla (an open source CMS) to handle our clients website content management needs, we are able to quickly and easily (and this translates into cost effectively) add features like calendars, photo galleries, booking systems, payment gateways, product catalogs... (the list is very long). We even offer custom module/component development if you need something special that isn't already available. All of these features are nicely integrated and come together for a professional looking website. We can then focus on the design process and create great looking custom themes for our clients. They get the look and functionality that they want at a price they can't believe.


Curious to find out just how cost effective using Joomla for your website can be? Request a quote using our online form. We are sure you will be surprized at what you see!